Choosing The Perfect Glasses

There are so many factors to consider when choosing the right pair of glasses for you.
These include:

  1. Your prescription strength.
  2. Your pupillary distance and head size.
  3. Your colouring.
  4. Your preferences – would you feel more comfortable in an acetate frame or a metal one.
  5. The frame shape you prefer – big glasses, small rectangular ones, curved at the top, cat eye
    effect, minimalistic and many more.
  6. Any allergies you might have to nickel.
  7. The planned wearing time of your new glasses.
  8. If you tend to be rough with your glasses or have small children/grandchildren that like to
    pull them off your face!– you have to be practical.
  9. The type of lenses you will be putting into the frames – varifocal, bifocal and occupational
    require a certain depth to work well.
  10. Your working environment.
  11. If you’re light sensitive or conscious of frame weight and touch points on the nose and
    behind the ears.
  12. How conscious you are of lens thickness.
  13. If you are choosing sunglasses for sports like cycling, golf, sailing or other water sports.

Dispensing is a full time course in college nowadays so to go into detail on all of the above aspects of
choosing the perfect pair of glasses would require me to write a book on the topic!
So to make life a bit easier we have designed our Opticians around the styling and ophthalmic lens
Here we give you the time to discuss everything, from what you’re looking for, what is practical for
your lifestyle and prescription measurements and take all aspects of your day to day visual needs
and the end result you’re hoping for into consideration.
It takes the guess work, confusion and frustration out of choosing your new glasses, turns out to be
an enjoyable and educational experience and assures you that you’ve chosen the right pair of glasses
for you!

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